Patagonia by Motorcycle

Pausing for Sunset on Ruta 40, Argentina

I set out at the beginning of February on a limping motorcycle, destination Tierra del Fuego at the southern tip of the populated world some 2,200 miles away. My bike, heavily loaded on the rear luggage rack at a high center of gravity, rides with something less than stable grace.

Into Chile

Ankie, me, and Blake after hiking for a couple hours around the base of the Villarrica Volcano, which always smokes but only erupts violently every 50 years or so. Photo cred to Blake (or more accurately the stick the camera was hanging on)

Santiago is the capitol city of Chile and plunged me headfirst into a new world that seemed strangely familiar. Beside the rapid fire slang-ridden Spanish used here and the comical currency valuation, the city feels in a lot of ways like the United States.